Top 5 reasons to move to London

Here are 5 reasons

World leading theatre

The London West End is renowned for theatre with more theatre goers than any city in the world, including New York’s Broadway. Current big shows include Hamilton, Aladdin, Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Mousetrap and An American in Paris.

International flavours

Whatever you want to eat you will find it here. British food doesn’t always have the best reputation, but don’t let that put you off. Street food, markets, family run restaurants, big names, Michelin starred restaurants; whatever your dish you will find it here.

Amazing history

Learn about London’s centre of the maritime trade and the British Empire. Two of the best places to learn about London are the Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands.

Meeting of cultures

One of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. It is the most multicultural city in Europe with 37% born outside the UK and more than 300 languages are spoken. Pockets of the city are known for particular cultures, for instance the East End is known for its Asian population and south London for its African population.

Stunning architecture

The city contains some incredible architecture. Learn the history of London and Britain through the city’s incredible buildings. Top sites include Battersea Power Station, The Shard, Liberty, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminister Abbey and the Tower of London.

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