Victoria Park Market

Today we decided to make the most of the good weather and wander down to Victoria Park Market. It launched a couple of weeks ago and runs every Sunday 10am to 3pm.

The market hosts around 50 stalls, mainly artisan food based including local bread, organic fruit & veg, fish, organic butchers, olives, craft beer,  raw honey, cakes, raw milk, cheeses and ice cream. I’m not entirely sure what raw honey or raw milk are, but it’s worth finding out.

Victoria Park, in case you haven’t visited before, is a stunning space in East London, complete with boating lake, cafes and large open spaces. It’s not quite as large as Hyde Park but its’ scale gives it a similar feel. The park is well used and each summer it hosts a number of music festivals including LoveBox (electro), Field Day (alt rock) and Citadel (rock and pop).


We bought lunch from Yiro, a Greek Asian fusion stall – a halloumi pitta wrap and a chicken box, both served with generous amounts of salad and pickled onions.  For dessert we had a nuttella doughnut from Vicky’s Doughnuts.  Also on offer were large doughnuts filled with ice-cream, so we will have to come back to try them out.  After we bought our food we collapsed onto the soft grass nearby to eat.



We also visited the East London Liquour Company stall. I was looking for a bottle of gin to give as a birthday present and we had tried to pop into the nearby Distillery shop on Grove Road on the way other, but it was closed due to a fire at some luxury flats nearby. It was pretty shocking to see a fire raging in London so soon after what happenned at Grenfell, but luckily we learnt the flats were empty.

So we were delighted to find the bottles on sale at the market. The helpful staff gave us some samples of their three bottles – London Dry Gin, Premium Batch No.1 Gin and Premium Batch No.2 Gin.  We ended up choosing No.2.


Overall there was a lot on offer, something for everyone so take a walk to Victoria Park this summer and check it out.

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