Moving to the UK book

Moving to the UK? This book could be just right for you.

The ebook and paperback are available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Books and more. Get the book on Amazon here.

Written by a Brit with experience of friends and family moving to the UK, it is jam-packed with essential, tried & tested advice to make your move run a little smoother.

1. Introduction
2. The UK in a nutshell
3. Routes into the UK
4. First steps
5. Finding a place to call home
6. Working in the UK
7. Education, Education, Education
8. Getting around
9. Everyday practicalities
10. Going out and staying in
11. Settle in the UK

If you like the new book and would like to recommend it, then please consider writing a review on Amazon. Reviews really help to improve the rating and help others find it more easily. I hope you enjoy it! You can read it using a Kindle device or the Kindle app on your phone.

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