Cat corner

May we introduce Dash.  Dash is a black rescue cat that has been living in London since August 2016.


Keeping a cat in London

If you have enough space to keep a cat, or any other pet, I would highly recommend it as pets are wonderful companions and great fun to have around.

  • In hot weather make sure your cat is kept cool.   We keep Dash cool by keeping windows adjar, using a fan and putting ice cubes into his water.
  • Most Londoners live in flats, so most cats are confined to staying inside.  It’s important that a house cat has plenty of space for moving around and we are happy our two bedroom flat gives Dash enough space to explore, climb and be mischievous.
  • It’s important to have Pet Insurance in case you need to take your cat to the vet.  We use Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance that has a low monthly price and links to Nectar points.
  • If you are going away, get a free housesitter from Housesitters UK.  It’s preferable to putting your cat in an expensive cattery.