Here are some recommended resources for moving to, living in or visiting London.  These resources will be expanded over time.


Commuter Club

Save on your commute through Commuter Club. You can choose an Oyster or Rail ticket.


Book a short-term stay for when you first arrive.  Use this link to get £34 off your first trip.

House Sitters UK

We use this site to find a free house sitter when we go on holiday.  It allows our cat to stay in familiar surroundings and us to save potentially £100s on cattery fees.  Alternatively, you can sign up to be a house / pet sitter; purrfect for a trip out of London.



Find rented accommodation direct from the landlord.  We used this site to find a 1 bedroom apartment in Hackney and saved by not paying letting agency fees.

Spare Room

The best place to find a room to rent within a London houseshare.

The best place to book a hotel.  Use this link to get £15 off your next booking.


Lonely Planet London (Travel Guide)

The best visitor guide for London, written by the experts.

Moving to London: Essential Advice for Moving and Living on a Budget

Moving to the UK: Essential Practical Advice

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