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Some general advice for getting started with your move to London.

  • Book your travel to London.  Once you have committed to a date and to some extent, committed financially, everything else will naturally fall into place.  Unless you are a student, it is unusual to book accommodation in advance of a move. A more sensible approach is to find somewhere temporary to stay.  Once you are on the ground you can start your accommodation search properly.
  • Order an Oyster card online.  The Oyster card is the travel smart card used across the London transport network. It is essential for getting around and will save you money over paying as you go. It’s worth knowing that cash is no longer accepted on London buses, an Oyster or contactless card is now required.
  • Contact everyone you know in London.  Friends, friends of friends, distant relatives and colleagues can all help you find somewhere to live and offer recommendations.
  • If you have enjoyed this site, you may wish to read one of my books, Moving to London: Essential advice for moving and living on a budget or Moving to the UK: Essential practical advice.